Why, as women, are we so critical of ourselves?

I recently worked with four models for a La Glamour Style photo shoot, and I was once again reminded how even the most beautiful of ladies have issues with the way they look.

Everybody can tell you that you look amazing. But if you don’t believe it, what good does that do you?

I wish I had one simple answer to explain why women are so hard on themselves. But the truth is there is a long list of reasons—starting from a very young age.

Women need to change the way they feel about and see themselves! We are all beautiful in our own way. And we need to embrace our imperfections, because it’s those flaws that make us unique.

It’s about time women start believing they deserve all of what life has to offer. I know that sometimes, especially if you are a mother, you feel you need to put your children first. However, you are also a role model. And if your kids see a healthy, confident, loving and happy woman who enjoys life, they will imitate that behavior (especially young girls).

In other words: it’s okay to think about yourself—to get pampered, to do what you love and makes you happy, and to follow your dreams.

So go ahead, treat yourself, and take those small risks:


  • Go buy the glamorous high heels you think you have no business walking in.
  • Get that new hair color that you’ve wanted forever.
  • Wear that fabulous hat you were always too shy to wear.
  • Wear shiny, eye-catching jewelry.
  • Go out, have a massage, and spend quality time laughing with supportive friends.

But most of all, stop putting yourself down, selling yourself short and criticizing yourself! Here’s a tip: each and every day, look in the mirror and give yourself one compliment. Why? Because you’re amazing!

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