This will be a day that you will talk about for years and years to come.


The challenge? There are so many dresses, shoes and accessories to choose that narrowing down what you want to wear can be a real challenge.


So here are a few tips to help you find your perfect ensemble:


Above all else, don’t forget You only have one prom, so you want to make the best of it!

  • who you are: Stay true to you and let your own personality shine through the choices you make.


  • Make more than one dress appointment. Take your time looking around and try on as many dresses as you desire! Meanwhile, try at least a couple different stores. After all, it’s your prom—and you want to know you’ve made the perfect choice. (And when you’ve finally found your dress, it will be like love at first sight!)


  • Bring your dress while shopping for shoes. This way, you can find the perfect heel height, and the perfect colour match. Not to mention, you want your shoes to be comfortable if you’re going to be dancing all night! (I know the dress is always the most important thing on every prom girl’s list—but shoes are also super important because your feet deserve the best. They will be supporting you for the whole event, so choose carefully.)


  • Hate heels? Buy your shoes as early as possible. If you’re not into high heels but want to wear them for prom, buy your shoes a couple of months in advance. Then wear them around the house every day for half an hour—this will help you get used to them, plus the shoes will take the form of your feet. By prom night, you will feel like a princess in high heels, and be able to enjoy the dance floor.


  • Balance out your jewelry and accessories (including purses and hair pieces). To finish your super-special and unique glamour style, you’re probably going to want to b