This silk scarf is fashionably back!


Some of you may remember back in the rock-n-roll days (that’s what I call it, but I have to guess it was in the 60s or 70s).


The silk scarf was a must-have in the fashion world—especially on TV.


I remember seeing it in an episode of I Love Lucy, where she had a scarf around her head. And I recall the movie Grease, where scarves would be used to hide the hair or go around the neck.


Basically, when it comes to the silk scarf, there were trends in each decade:


  • In the 50s, women would wear it on their head
  • In the 60s and 70s, they would wear it around their neck
  • In the 80s, they would wear it around their legs (mostly rock bands)


So now that the silk scarf is back, what does this mean for you?


Well, this little accessory is a lot more than just a scarf: it’s also an inexpensive way to add something to your everyday outfits!

Yes, I realize some of you may be thinking “been there, done that”—but the scarf really is an indispensable accessory, mainly because it’s so adaptable.


In fact, you can add it just about any way you want to an outfit, allowing you to add your little flavor and personality to your personal style.


Ideas for getting the most out of the silk scarf


Here are a few suggestions for how to wear this timeless accessory and add it to your everyday lifstyle:


  • The Bad Hair Day style: Don’t feel like doing your hair today? No worries, you will look fantastic! Add a scarf over your head, add a pair of large earrings, do your makeup, and don’t forget to use a nice glossy lipstick. (The scarf is also a great way to protect your hair colour from UV rays.)


  • The Sweet Thing style: Wrap your scarf around your neck. This way, it adds a touch of vintage to your outfit without any effort. And don’t worry about adding any other accessories—you don’t need anything else to accomplish this easy look.


  • The Classy Bandana style: Tie the scarf around your forehead, let your hair loose or pin it up in a messy bun. This simple and stylish look is perfect for outdoor events.


  • The Cuff It Light style: Many of us forget that there are other ways to wear a silk. Here’s one (and it’s my favourite): wrap it around your arm like a bracelet. This makes a great addition to your outfit. And for women traveling in airports, it’s easier than wearing a heavy bracelet—you won’t be obligated to take it off every time you go through security!


Hope you enjoyed these simple, fun and fashionable “little accessory” ideas.