This spring is going to be BOLD: with lots of fun, bright colours and patterns!


So if you’re up for a change (especially after this extra-long winter), this is the perfect season to do it.


Where to begin? This spring, you will definitely see a lot of yellows, oranges and warm colours—all of which we just love! You’ll also see pink, blue, and patterns, lots of linens, plaid, and florals.


With so many options, I am having a ball putting these styles together; it’s almost like a party!


And the nicest thing this year is you don’t even have to match the colours: simply slip on a blue jumpsuit, step into a pair of Flavianna red shoes with a floral design, add some accessories that speak to you, and there you go.


To add a bit of boldness to your style this spring, here are a couple of ways to play with colours and textures:


  • Start by integrating some bold elements to your everyday style. Consider one or more of the following: big bold loop earrings, a fun spring scarf, a hat, a long necklace(s), large bracelet, large aviator sunglasses, and/or a pair of ankle booties (the last of which I believe is a must-have!).


  • Start playing with colour to add a bit of fun to your look. Here’s something I put together to show you how to integrate some of the “in” things for spring without over doing it; or if you’re new to adding colour or you’re not used to “not matching”:



  • Keep in mind, though: you don’t have to go all out with colours and patterns. Some days, we feel less is better—so for those days, there will always be jeans and a white t-shirt. To add a bit of spark, do it with accessories! Add a fashionable spring hat; a touch of elegance with a striped beige-and-white scarf; and a colourful yellow bag. Also consider adding a pair of fun ankle booties and some long dangling earrings (by the way, big bold earrings are what you will see everywhere this spring on television, runways, social media and magazines!). Then, to finish the ensemble, add a large fashion bracelet. It is that easy; all you have to remember is to be true to who you are.


I hope you have fun with your style this spring and make an effort to get out of your comfort zone—because it truly is the perfect time!


But if you’re not up for making a big fashion statement, don’t worry: fashion is whatever you want it to be. Whether your style is simple, sophisticated, glamourous, modern, sexy, Bohemian, or something else, there will always be something for everyone.


The important thing is to have fun, be confident, feel beautiful and most importantly be you. Everyone is unique so go with what you love; don’t try to be like someone else, because you’re not.


Before signing off, here is a quote I love:


If it doesn’t make you feel fabulous,

  • Don’t do it
  • Don’t buy it
  • Don’t wear it
  • Don’t keep it


So if you’re doing some spring cleaning and getting rid of your clothes and accessories to make room for new ones, think of that little quote—it will make it easier to throw of it away!